Over the Pennines to Hexham

These last three days have seen the hardest stretch of walking on the pilgrimage. We have been walking along the edge of the Whin Sill which the Romans used to save digging a ditch on the northern side of Hadrian’s Wall. It has been very scenic countryside and we have met plenty of walkers who are ‘doing’ the Wall from east to west. Quite a number have been from Europe and it seems fitting in a way that the Auxilliaries in the Roman Army who manned the Wall came from various parts of the Roman Empire and would speak their own language as well as being drilled in Latin so they could understand their commanding Legionaries. 

Children being drilled as Roman soldiers at Birdoswald

Children being drilled as Roman soldiers at Birdoswald

John and others on a steep part of the Wall

John and others on a steep part of the Wall

We have also met people from UK. Who have expressed interest in what we are doing including Chris and Dorothy whom we have known quite a number of years (who now live in Hexham). Hi too to Beccy and Brad (once workers for Christian Aid), the group of Alston walkers, Karen Brewis, Richard and Angela Kempson, Linda and Graham Jones, and the Northallerton Ramblers. Thanks for your interest and support.

The weather has been most kind. As we have watched the forecast on the telly – it seems marvellous how the heavy overnight rain has cleared just in time for us to set off again.

We entered Hexham in bright sunshine and were welcomed by Christine enjoying the weather on her bench. At the Abbey we also were welcomed by the lady on duty and by Jane and Phil in the parish office. The Abbey has some stunning needlework on display which really is an aid to prayer. Do see it if you are in the area.

Miles walked so far – 45
Churches visited so far – open 5      locked 2          (Roman Temple of Mithras 1)
Kissing gates – 24
Trig points – 3
Accompanying walkers 0
Scrabble – Nancy 2 John 1

Pilgrim Nancy

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